How often do I have counselling sessions?

We will arrange to meet/speak once a week at the same time on the same day. I am happy to discuss arrangements to find out what suits you best. I can be flexible to accommodate shift patterns. 

What happens if I’m late or have to cancel a session?

I ask that you arrive punctually to each session, whether online or in person, as I am unable to extend the ending time of the session if we start late and that we give each other at least 24 hours’ notice if we need to cancel. A cancellation fee may be charged for late cancellations and sessions not attended.

Are the sessions confidential?

Confidentiality is an extremely important part of our relationship. What we discuss in our sessions will remain between us. However, by law, there are limits to confidentiality such as disclosures where I believe you or someone else is at risk of serious, life-threatening harm. I will take appropriate action and follow appropriate procedures but you will be fully involved with this process. I will explain this in our initial appointment.

Can I stop the counselling sessions when I want to?

There is no limit to the number of sessions we have. You can decide to take a break or end sessions at any time and I will respect your decision.

How much is each session?

All 50-minute counselling sessions, whether face to face or remote, are £50.

Payment by bank transfer should be made before the beginning of each session. Thank you.

Any questions you have can be answered in our first session together when we will look at a working agreement. It is essential that you feel comfortable and happy to work with me.